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Hendlex Anti Fog Spray for Goggles, Car Windshield Treatment and Bathroom Mirror Multi Purpose and Long Lasting 3.38

âś…LATEST NANOTECHNOLOGY | Instead of using silicone-based formula, this product works on a molecular level. Nano particles sticks deeply. Which ensures a LONGER LASTING effect and harder resistance to environmental factors. You won’t have to worry about your product ruined by a silicone layer. Nanotechnology is odorless, long-lasting, breathable, invisible and superhydrophobicâś…EXTREMELY VERSATILE | You…

Chums Anti Fog Kit

Cleans and prevents fogging on glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, binoculars, diving masks, gun scopes, helmet visors and other surfaces subject to foggingWorks on Polarized, UV, Iridium, Photo-chromatic, Polycarbonate and Plastic lensesEasy-to-use, simply spray solution on lens and wipe clean with Chums ultra-soft microfiber clothincluded (1) bottle of solution and (1) microfiber clothCaution: NOT for contact…

A&R Sports FogGard

4oz spray bottle of all-in-one visor Cleaner and defoggerSpray just once on each side of the mask to help eliminate fog buildupIncludes microfiber shimmyFrom A&R Sports, the leading brand in sports accessories for over 20 yearsSport type: Snowboarding

PARKER LAB PPFPBX Anti-Fog Foil Packet Dispenser, White (Pack of 100)

Designed to keep protective eyewear from fogging up in cold, or hot, humid conditionsHelps to remove facial oils, hair spray, make-up, and sweatKeeps polycarbonate lenses from scratching on both the inside and outside of a lensLeaves a protective film on the surface for easier cleaningNo lingering odor, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive ingredients, and silicone…